We manage portfolios using both traditional and alternative strategies,
each with an emphasis on capital preservation.

Traditional Strategy

A strategy where our selection approach is focused on “long-only” portfolios comprised solely of investment securities and cash.

Alternative Strategy

A strategy for a more risk-conscious investor that follows the same traditional equity selection process, but we hedge stock holdings with protective put options to limit downside risk and minimize return volatility—without using margin or leverage in the form of borrowed funds.

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1 Solari Investment Advisory Services provides screening and research for Select Equity Solari Space, Hedged Equity Solari World, and Hedged Equity Precious Metals.
2 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) screening.
3 At least half of the positions held in this portfolio is international.

Parvin Asset Management

Managing risk is a critical aspect of any investment process. The preservation of capital is an important goal at Parvin,
but there is no guarantee against loss since risk is inherent in every capital allocation decision.
All portfolios are held by independent custodians.